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Go No Go

Genre / Style musical

Alternative Rock


Queens of The Stone Age
At The Drive-In
Dinosaur Jr

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Go No Go started as a true side project with all the advantages that concept brings – enthusiasm, freshness of ideas and freedom in creating and presenting music.

This project emerged as a result of friendship and musical alliance between Tomislav Šnidarić, guitarist and vocalist of one of the currently most exciting Croatian indie bands Ruiz (formerly from Untold and Yes Pes) and Zdravko Šavor, now a guitarist for Zagreb's cult punk band Kiper and formerly a member of Garage Monsters and Paruzija.

Go No Go was conceived as a creative training ground for all the ideas these two guys couldn't realize with their bands, either because of creative or other differences.

Band was completed when they found the rhythm section – the drummer Goran Andrijanić who, in the mid 90ies, played in one of the most active and promising bands in the country – Brassneck and the bass player Ivana who, in the last few years, played in a bunch of underground bands (Don't Mess with Texas and Mutual of Omaha, to name a few).

This line-up first came together in October of 2011 and, in the next two months, they arranged, rehearsed and recorded five songs that will soon be published as an EP. Band went through line-up change and the drummer seat is now filled by Janko Kezele, ex Ruiz, current EB&HH drummer, and by Ivan Grobenski on bass.

They have released 5 song EP named „First“, and 6 song EP "Second".